Best Car Camping Sleeping Bag – Canway Reviewed

In continuing with my Camping for Newbies series, in this article I will review the best car camping sleeping bag for you and the whole family.

Up until now, we’ve discussed your basic camping needs, showed you how to choose a tent and reviewed a couple of tents perfect for starting out with.  I have also shown you what you should be looking for in a sleeping bag, especially as a newbie camper.

I’ve gotten kinda fussy in my old age with regards to bedding and linen etc. Where I used to be able to sleep on or in anything, I’m now a little more pickier when it comes ensuring I get a good night’s sleep.

One of the items that help me sleep well is my camping cot, but I’ll get more into to that in another post.

I currently have a “down insulated barrel-shaped sleeping bag” and it’s lasted me about 12 years. I’m in need of a new one, and I have my eye on the new Canway Sleeping Bag.

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So, while I was looking online for a new sleeping bag, I came across a thousand different types. And as you now know, without the right guidance, one can get really confused.

In order to reduce my search results, I listed my criteria that I was looking for: –

    • Usage – Car Camping
    • Season  – Spring / Summer
    • Shape – Rectangular (I like to move around a bit)
    • Insulation – Polyester (due to seasons and lightweight)
    • Waterproof – Yes
    • Zipper System – Double (to open for feet and to open completely to use as a quilt on warmer nights)
    • Hoodie – yes (in case it gets cold)
    • Inner Lining – Flannel (I find flannel very comfortable and it doesn’t irritate my skin)
    • Warranty – Yes

In my search results I came across the Canway and I saw it listed on Amazon (with whom I luckily have an affiliation with, although sadly, I can’t benefit from it personally when I’m buying any products).

Product Details

Sleeping Bag
Canway Versatile Sleeping Bag
    • Manufacturer: CANWAY
    • Packed Dimensions: 10.2″ x 10.2″ x 16.5″
    • Opened Dimensions: 82.6″ x31.5″
    • Weight:  4,2lbs
    • Warranty: Life-time Protection
    • Price: $31.99


Key Features


Although I searched for a camping sleeping bag, this Canway is very versatile and because of its light weight, small pack size and 4 season rating, it can also be used for backpacking, hiking and travelling.


Besides the compact lightweight packed design of the bag, it’s the open dimensions that excite me. Being 6’1″ myself, I can easily fit into the 6’8″ length. The rectangular shape with a width of 2’6″ also allows for unrestricted movement within the bag.

Temperature Rating

This is not only a sleeping bag for fair-weather newbie campers; it is a lot more versatile than that and one of the reasons why it’s a great investment. It’s able to keep you warm all night long and can with stand temperatures up to 32°F (0°C)


Hollow cotton is used as the filler, which enjoys a good lifespan, and is light and breathable, allowing for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The cotton fillePolyesterr is protected by a tough polyester material that provides durability, comfort, and water proofing.

The inner lining of flannel is soft and smooth, while being extremely cosy and skin friendly.

Zipper System

There is a two-way zipper with a zipper guard to prevent stuck hooks. This also prevents snagging of the material when zipping up quickly. The double-sided zipper also allows for closure while lying inside.

With this zipper system, an added benefit is that you can join another Canway to it to double it up, or you can open it completely and use it as a quilt. Also, the double zipper allows you to open up the foot area should you need to keep your feet a bit cooler.

    • The Canway comes with a draw-string hoodie to keep you warm
    • Velcro strip ensures the zip won’t open on its own
    • The sack has straps for easy carrying or connecting to luggage
Easy to carry




Velcro Strip
Velcro Strip


Pros Cons
Lightweight & portable Carry bag not waterproof
Convenient zipper system
Cosy flannel lining
Spacious & versatile

My Verdict

It’s hard to sum up this sleeping bag without adding anything not already mentioned. I guess the main point of concern is the fact that the carry sack is not waterproof, but for our purposes as a new camper (car camping) that isn’t really a problem.

Everything that is on offer with Canway is really brilliant of the price. It’s comfortable, very light, durable, versatile and waterproof and don’t forget – easy  to fold up.

This is a top product and if you’re looking for something that ticks all the boxes then you can’t go wrong.

Remember if you have any questions, then please leave a message in the comments below.

Happy Camping!!

Warm regards,


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