Luxury Camping Accessories – On The Cheap!

Just because I’ve only covered camping for newbies at this stage of our journey doesn’t mean that we can’t do it in style. Luxury Camping Accessories don’t need to have  a heavy price tag either. Going cheap is how I roll

Camping isn’t only about having essentials to survive and provide some comfort. It’s meant to be fun as well and its meant to be easy, so you can enjoy it all the time, ensuring it becomes a lifestyle holiday choice.

In my previous article I mentioned all the essentials you will need to get started. Now let’s discuss a few items to take along with you that will make your life easier, provide a bit of fun and not break the bank.

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Marshmallow Sticks

If you have kids or you want to feel like a kid again yourself, then what better form of after dinner entertainment is there, but roasting marshmallows?

Gone are the days of running off into the night looking for sticks that don’t have thorns, bugs, lichen or sand all over them. As a kid I always remember wanting to find the best stick, straight, clean, sturdy and long. Of course it had to be better than my mate’s too, but it seldom was. For some reason I always made a bad choice in my stick collection, where my friends seemed to always have the Rolls Royce of sticks, and their marshmallows always seemed roasted to perfection, while I ended up with black shrivelled miniatures stuck all over my hands, lips and nose.

Luckily (for me and those like me), we nowadays have the luxury of some genius, who’s idea it was to create a Colour-Coded-Stainless-Steel-Telescoping-Roasting-Stick

Marshmallow Tongs

Micro-fibre quick drying towel

We’ve all been in the situation where all you want is a dry towel, but as you pick it up its damp to the seams, and you let out an irritated growl.

The great thing about Micro-Fibre Quick Drying Towels is that they dry super duper fast, so you will not have a damp problem. The towels are very light weight and easy to pack. There is a wide variety to choose from regarding manufacturer, color and sizes. So choose a brand you know or one that has a great rating.

Girl holding towel

fairy lights

Nothing says outdoor ambience quite like a string of fairy lights. These are great to have strewn around your camp site providing a soft yellow glow to your surroundings, You get  solar powered lights  which are really convenient and you also get battery-operated fairy lights, which are also convenient, if there’s not much sun during the day.


Camping should be about relaxing and not only adventuring. Do you ever sit back after and exhausting day and wish you were lying on a hammock on a deserted island? Of course you do.

Well then, lying in a hammock out in the wild is the next best option, so don’t be shy, remember to spoil yourself.


Collapsible sink

This might not sound as glamorous as the other items I’ve listed here, but I can promise you this, you will wonder how you ever survived without one.

If your camp has a washing up station, then one will be enough just to carry your dishes. If not, then I would suggest two of them. They can also be used to carry water should the need ever arise and best of all, they are easy to pack.

portable ceiling fan

Because we are fair weather campers here – so far 😉 What better way to ensure you sleep in comfort on those hot summer nights, than a portable ceiling fan (that also doubles up as a lantern)?

Not only will you stay cool in your tent, but also outside if there is no cool breeze, just make sure the  fan is adaptable and battery operated for easy use.

Portable Ceiling Fan

Coffee percolator

If you’re anything like my wife and I, you can’t do without your early morning coffee. Ok so this might not be the cheapest item I’m listing here, but it is one of the most important.

Sometimes campsites don’t have an electrical point for a kettle so you need to make another plan. And let’s face it, percolated coffee is the best tasting coffee, and it tastes EVEN better when drunk outside in the great outdoors.

There are few types you can buy, bit looking at some reviews the one I have pictured below, looks like a solid option.

coffee percolator


I hear you when you complain to me that isn’t a luxury item for camping. But, it is a luxury item when you couldn’t pack your toolbox because it weighs a ton and now you need a damn screwdriver for something that you didn’t think you would need a screw driver for. Also great for opening bottles of ice cold beer and you always, always need a knife when camping

You don’t have to go expensive. There are a lot of good sturdy products out there at reasonable prices, just look around a bit.


Ultra-violet flashlight

Why? You ask.  For me it’s for one thing only – to spot scorpions and other illuminescent critters out there. It’s really fun hunting scorpions with this type of torch. Kids love it. When I say hunt – I only mean find, look at, admire, photograph and leave alone.

Scorpion Torch

Popup canopy shelter

Some call it a gazebo and others a popup canopy shelter. I call it essential and luxurious. Not only does it keep you out of the sun if there are no trees around, but also keeps you dry during a downpour. You get some that have attachable walls, mosquito nets and sandbags, but just make sure its durable.

They must be able to withstand some heavy’ish winds so that the legs don’t buckle; Popup action is a given, otherwise you’ll be spending hours trying to puzzle together all the pieces; And adjustable legs are a bonus. Choose wisely and you’ll be a happy camper.


There we have 10 very cool items to take camping with you. Let me now what you think of my choices in the comments section below. And please, do tell me of any items that you like to take camping with you, that you might consider luxurious.

Happy Camping!!

Warm regards,


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